our country wants you

It was very heartening to join members of Southwark Green Party on 12 September to show that ‘refugees are welcome here’. There were lots of families…


…so it seemed appropriate when Giles Fraser quoted Tony Benn reminding us that every day hundreds of people enter this country without a passport, without speaking English, without any means of support. ‘They’re called babies.’ We have all been dependent on other people. Benn was quoted on a home-made placard too:

tony benn

This British-Syrian doctor talked about refugees in the most difficult circumstances who just wanted a chance to work, to support themselves.

British-Syrian doctor

Natalie Bennett asked us to think about the causes of conflict and displacement, looking to the DSEI arms fair. ‘The last thing the world needs now is more weapons.’

natalie bennett

The Quaker witness for peace says ‘no human is illegal’:


A group of heartfelt hand-lettered placards:

no one puts their children on a boat

And, of course, a Welcome mat:

welcome mat