When we talk to residents on Bromar, Ivanhoe, Malfort and Grove Hill roads one issue is mentioned more than any other: traffic. Cars and vans speed downhill and hurtle round blind corners, often taking to the middle of the road to avoid the speed bumps, making what should be a quiet area feel unsafe.

When Grove Hill Road was resurfaced early in 2014, we were very surprised to see the old-style  ‘speed cushions’ put back, instead of being replaced with the ‘sinusoidal’ humps that go right across the road – as has been Southwark Council’s policy since 2009. We got in touch with the council to ask why.

An officer in the Highways department told Eleanor that he wasn’t aware of the mistake. He gave an order for the contractors to correct their mistake – and safer speed humps were eventually installed.

We’re glad to see this replacement but would like to see all the old cushions on Bromar Road replaced with sinusoidal humps to discourage drivers from weaving across the road. And we can’t help wondering why the Southwark Council doesn’t make sure that its contractors follow the council’s own regulations.