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Eleanor Margolies is standing up for Camberwell and Peckham



Forward the Hamlet, says Sian, Green Mayoral candidate

Sian Berry came to South Camberwell to support Dulwich Hamlet FC on Saturday 3 October. Proceeds from the Pay What You Like match supported Walworth-based Cooltan Arts and the British Heart Foundation.

Question the candidates on Thursday 8 October

Hustings poster draft

7.30pm Thursday 8 October 2015
Albrighton Community Centre, East Dulwich Estate SE22 8AH
(opposite Sainsburys on Dog Kennel Hill)
A chance to meet the candidates, question them on the issues that matter most to you, and hear what they have to say.
Chaired by Linda Craig.

South Camberwell is represented by three Councillors, one of whom has stepped down, triggering a by-election on Thursday 15 October. Our Councillors are a crucial part of the local community and represent it on the Council.
The Council is responsible for local services including schools, housing, roads, social services, waste and recycling, the protection of our built and natural environment, leisure facilities and libraries.

Come along and ensure your voice is heard.

Cleaner Greener Safer – what’s your idea?

Cleaner, Greener Safer (CGS) is a Southwark Council scheme that allows residents to suggest projects. Local councillors draw up a shortlist with advice from council officers. In the past the scheme has funded things like cycle lockers, gardens and street lighting, as well as the beautiful wolf and sheep sculptures of Grove Lane.

On the East Dulwich Estate, we applied for cycle lockers because this…

A bike locked to railings on the East Dulwich estate overnight lost a wheel - not an unusual occurence
A bike locked to railings on the East Dulwich estate overnight had a wheel stolen – not an unusual occurence

…was getting on our nerves, costing us money we didn’t have and putting people off cycling. We’re not allowed to keep bikes on balconies and there’s no room inside the flats – and if you’ve got nowhere to keep a bike at home, how can you cycle to school/work/shops/friends? The result of our application was 20 of these:

Vertical bike locker
Vertical bike locker

They cost £30 a year to rent, to cover maintenance costs. With no advertising, they were rented within a couple of weeks of installation – and residents keep asking for more spaces.

It’s quite simple to apply to the CGS –  you just need a good idea and the support of local residents. Full details here.

If you have a good idea for the CGS but you’re not sure how to apply, then Pete Wood can help. He’s working with Southwark Cyclists, but you don’t have to be a cyclist to get his advice!

In fact, applying to the Cleaner Greener Safer fund might be particularly relevant if you don’t cycle at the moment but have an idea that would make it possible for you to start cycling.



Recycling in South Camberwell

What happens when you mix a pile of thin plastic bags left uncollected by Veolia with urban foxes?
What happens when you mix a pile of thin plastic bags left uncollected by Veolia with urban foxes?

Some good news! Up till now, residents of South Camberwell have had to go to the Walworth Road or Peckham to find a Southwark Mobile Recycling Centre. It’s a journey that’s a little off-putting if you have bulky items to dispose of (or want to buy a compost bin) and are using public transport. Now the Mobile Recycling Centre is coming within walking distance – to Dog Kennel Hill. Full details below.

Meanwhile,  ‘normal’ household recycling services still need to be improved across Southwark … better information, reliable collections, food waste composting on estates. But more on that in another post!

Mobile Recycling Centre

Every first Wednesday from October to December, the Mobile Recycling Centre will be parked up outside Sainsbury’s Dog Kennel Hill between 10am and 1pm:

Wed 7 October
Wed 4 November
Wed 2 December

The Mobile Recycling Centre is a service, funded by the London Waste and Recycling Board, to make it easier for residents to recycle materials that cannot be collected as part of a normal household recycling collection and accepts the following items:

Textiles and shoes
Small electrical appliances
Wood and timber
Printer cartridges
Lightbulbs of any kind

These items are then brought to Southwark’s Integrated Waste Management Facility where they are then sent to reprocessors for recycling.

It also dispenses biodegradable garden waste sacks, clear recycling sacks and sells subsidised compost bins and soil conditioner.

The Mobile Recycling Centre does not accept household recycling or general waste.

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