Pesticide Free_London_SouthwarkI have joined the Pesticides Action Network (PAN UK) campaign for a pesticide-free Southwark. The evidence of the impact of pesticides on humans and wildlife is strong, and there are alternatives.

PAN UK writes:

The chemicals being used have been linked to an array of health problems including cancer, diabetes and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s. Vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women and old people are most affected.

Pesticides are also having devastating effects on London’s natural environment. Due to habitat loss and the large quantities of pesticides used in UK agriculture, wildlife such as bees, birds and hedgehogs are increasingly seeking refuge in our towns and cities. However, the overuse of pesticides is destroying many of the areas where they can forage for food and contaminating the natural resources they depend upon.

But urban pesticide use is unnecessary. There are lots of non-chemical alternatives available and hundreds of towns and cities around the world have already banned pesticides. Read more about some of the many towns and cities that have already gone pesticide-free here and here.

Spraying glyphosate on a housing estate in Southwark

glyphosate spraying in Southwark